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Why Choose SunSystems

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Why Choose SunSystems

Infor SunSystems delivers integrated financial management, sales management, purchasing and inventory solutions to 9,000+ customers in 190+ countries. For 30+ years, Infor SunSystems has been meeting the needs of the hospitality, non-profit, banking and Insurance, upstream oil and gas, and other industries across the globe.

Grow with flexibility

To succeed in today’s global business environment, you need a financial management system (FMS) that seamlessly transcends borders, languages, and currencies. You also need to be able to make informed business decisions; but to do that, you need access to critical, real-time information when and where you need it. You get all this and more with SunSystems®—an easy-to-use, modern FMS that’s powerful enough to meet your needs today, and innovative and flexible enough to adapt as your business evolves and grows.

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Leverage one solution for all your needs

Simplify system management, streamline processes, and make your business less complex with one solution that brings everything together across different sites, countries, business units, companies, and corporate offices—and is flexible enough to handle their varying requirements.

Provide a consistent and auditable environment

Comply with local statutory, audit, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), and other regulatory requirements with built-in audit trails, alerts, and sophisticated data reconciliation. You'll easily be able to handle simultaneous financial reporting requirements in multiple countries.

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Integrate information

All your ledger data can be combined in one place, whether it’s from your general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, or even a user-defined ledger—without having to wait for batch updates or reconciliations. With a unified ledger, you’ll be able to close your books faster, lower costs, and increase efficiency.

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